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Treading Water

October 16, 2008

It’s been kind of an ugly week so far. After taking a big hit on Monday, I’ve played a few more sessions at various rooms around town, and the story has always been the same. Win some, lose some, and at the end, walk out the door with about the same amount of money I started with – maybe a little more, if I’m lucky.

I know I shouldn’t complain and believe me, I know that a push is much better than a loss. Still, for the time I’m putting in, walking away even feels… unfulfilling. I don’t need huge wins, not that I’d complain, but some steady profits would be nice. I know that over the long run, if I keep playing well, I should come out in the black. It’s just tough to keep going when it feels like you’re not making any progress.

Speaking of which (and here’s a segue way you’ll all love), I’m writing this while waiting for the final presidential debate to start. While I certainly have no desire to see McCain do well here, I have to think he’s feeling a bit like me right now. He’s throwing everything he can think of against the wall – the dirtier the better it seems – and none of it is sticking. Somewhere, deep in that dark, dark hole that may be his soul, you have to think he knows he’s beat. He’s done. This debate means nothing and will change nothing. Obama, as long as he doesn’t do anything stupid, is going to be the next president, and there’s nothing he can do about it. But, he keeps pressing on, coming up with new lies, new accusations, and new ways to try and sway as many voters to his side as possible.

Like me, he’s treading water. I just believe I’ll rise with the tide while I think he’s going to sink like a stone.

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