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Visceral Reactions

October 21, 2008

Election Day is just two weeks away and, honestly, it can’t get here soon enough.

Usually, I’m as die-hard a political junkie as you’re likely to find, following the action on both sides of the aisle and reveling over the variety of last-minute desperation moves that campaigns make in the waning hours. But not this year. I just can’t handle it anymore.

Maybe it’s the fact that, in total, this election has lasted nearly two years or that I decided long ago who I’m voting for. Maybe I’m just burned out on politics. But honestly, I don’t think those are the reasons. When I sit down and really think about it, the answer is obvious. I simply can’t stand the Republican ticket.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t always despise John McCain. Back in 2004 I thought he actually had some good ideas and some integrity, especially when compared to W who is, thankfully, almost out of office. But that’s all changed over the course of this campaign. Now, McCain just comes across as a bitter, out of touch old man instead of the thoughtful leader he once appeared to be. It’s too bad.

As bad as McCain is, however, Sarah Palin is even more of a nightmare. This woman shouldn’t be running the local dog pound, let alone a state or, potentially, federal government. She’s not necessarily dumb (though she’s not the brightest bulb I’ve ever seen either), but she’s mean, venal, bombastic, impulsive and generally ill equipped to lead. She’s a fucking joke.

I’m sure Obama is no saint. No politician who’s reached this level can be in today’s slime-filled quagmire that is Washington, DC, and while I wish that wasn’t the case, I accept it as a fact of life. C’est la vie. What Obama is, however, is what his opponents are not; thoughtful, calm, rational and, most of all, presidential. Sure, he may not have McCain’s 26 years of experience, but so what? If you’ve watched the debates and the stump speeches, Obama consistently comes across as a man ready to lead. A man who’s not going to spin out of control in the face of a sudden problem. McCain doesn’t.

At 72, this is McCain’s last shot at the nation’s top office and I’m sure it’s painful for him to watch the goal he’s been striving for slowly but surely slip from his grasp. But, unlike a mature, rational adult who at least tries to maintain a sense of dignity in the face of disappointment, McCain and his running mate are both acting like petulant little children who didn’t get their candy. They get on TV and whine and bitch about how it’s unfair that Obama has so much more money than they do. How he has better ideas than they do. They make up lies and tell stories in order to divert the campaign away from the issues that matter on onto issues of “character” where they think they may be able to smear Obama enough to make him unacceptable. They use race as a wedge.

They sicken me.

At this point, I can’t even keep the TV or radio on when I see their images or hear their voices. I know who they are and what they stand for and, honestly, I don’t like them. Thankfully, there’s only two more weeks until Election Day, which means this long painful campaign is nearly over. I can tough it out and I hope you can too.

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