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That Sucked

November 7, 2008

I returned to live tournament poker yesterday and it wasn’t pretty. But I’ll get to that.

Honestly, I thought I played pretty well through my nine hours at the Venetian Deep Stack event. I generally made good reads and only got my money in bad once when I called a short stack’s all-in with pocket 8s only to find myself facing pocket 10s. I flopped the up and down straight draw and got there on the river to take the pot. As the saying goes, karma is a bitch.

After tripling up just before the first break, I really didn’t make a lot of progress throughout the rest of the event. I won some pots and lost some pots and, generally, nursed a stack of somewhere between 25 and 50 big blinds throughout the day. I was never really comfortable, but never really desperate either. It was just steady poker and really, the only complaint I have about my game is that I probably didn’t steal enough as the blinds and antes accelerated.

With 288 players in the event, the tourney paid 27 with a prize of about $25K going to the winner. I was sitting on about 75K when we got down to 49 players and was sitting on about 68K a few minutes later when my bust-out hand came along. With blinds of 1,500/3,000 and a 500 ante, I got involved in a battle of the blinds with the chip leader who was sitting on about 250K, give or take. The action folded around to me in the small blind, and I popped the pot to 9K with Q-10 off-suit. The big blind came along, which was really no surprise.

We saw a flop of A-10-6 with two diamonds and I led out for 13,500. The big blind thought for a half second and popped the pot to about 60K, putting me all in if I called. I really couldn’t put him on an Ace and didn’t even think he had the flush draw so, after a few minutes of thought, I made the call. I was thrilled when he turned up Q-J on a complete bluff and was miles ahead as he only had three outs to beat me.


The turn brought a black 9 and eight more outs for the villain, who now had an up and down straight draw, which, you guessed it, he filled when a King fell on the river. Fuckin’ karma.

It was as ugly a beat as I’ve seen – made even worse by the fact that after nine hours of play, I was just 15 players away from the money. Like I said, that sucked. But I’ll be back.

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