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The Long National Nightmare

January 21, 2009

Is finally over. And not a moment too soon. In fact, it’s come many moments too late for my taste.

Is Obama really going to be everything he’s been built up to be over the past year? Chances are, no. With expectations so high for our new Commander in Chief, it’s unlikely that he’ll be able to exceed, let alone meet the bar the goals that people seem to have for him. On the other hand, the bar was set so low by the previous administration that any improvement he makes on any front, be it the economy, the wars, or just the general national malaise that’s been hanging around for the past four years, will be greeted with squeals of delight from the general public.

I voted for Obama and I want him to succeed as much as anybody else does. Am I holding my breath expecting things to change overnight? Not even close. But I’ll go to bed tonight expecting sweet dreams instead of nightmares. That’s progress as far as I’m concerned.

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