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Short and Not So Sweet

February 11, 2009

I made a brief appearance at the Venetian today. Not quite a cameo, but certainly short and sweet.

I knew things would be good when I got my seat draw. Table 49, Seat 1. Outside the main poker room, but close enough to the speakers so I could hear every announcement. Thankfully, I brought my iPod. And of course, Seat 1. My favorite. Not. Still, in tournament poker, you play the seat you’re dealt.

Speaking of playing hands you were dealt, my table was stupid aggressive. Not loose aggressive. Stupid aggressive. People were raising 6x and 7x pre-flop with hands like Q-10 off and K-J suited. Just nuts. I stayed to my plan of playing tight, and picked up a couple of small pots early on, and one monster when I raised A-10 clubs on the button and got called all the way down on an A-10 flop by the maniac on my left. He of course then went on to nearly quadruple up in the next four hands, busting two players from the table in the process.

I lost my winnings – and a little more – in a hand against a new player at the table. I raised A-Q diamonds from the button and he called. On a flop of Q-5-7 with two diamonds, we bet the whole way. When another diamond failed to appear, my top pair-top kicker was no good against his pocket Aces. Oh well.

Two orbits later, I was out after raising pocket 10s on the button. The maniac on my left called, as did the small blind. When the small blind check-raised me on a flop of 8-8-9, I was committed enough that I had to make the crying call. He turned over J-8 for the set and I was done.

All in all, not my best showing, but at least was quick and relatively painless. A whole lot better than plugging away for 8 or 9 hours and then bubbling the money, that’s for sure. And hey, I’m home early so I have time to go off and torture myself at the gym.

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