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The Life of Leisure

March 17, 2009

The following interchange is from a phone conversation I had with my sister Paula earlier today:

“So, are you doing anything besides playing poker, playing golf, and going bowling?”

“Not really, no.”

“Tough life.”

And so it is.

The fact is that I’ve been back in the states for about six months now and, aside from freelance work here and there, I haven’t really been working all that hard since my return from Ireland. Part of that is due to the fact that I don’t really need to work too much right now and part is due to the fact that even if I wanted another full-time job, this really isn’t the time to look for one. So, I’m making the best of my situation, which means lots of play time for Jon. Still, there’s only so much free time I can handle. While it’s nice not having to worry about the 9 to 5 grind each day, I feel like I can find time to be more productive. The question is, how?

There are a few options floating around my little brain at the moment, though I’m not sure which, if any, of them are feasible. Part of me would like to get back into radio and there’s an NPR outlet in town that I may donate some time to. In what capacity, I don’t know, but it’s an option I’m considering. Another consideration is to once again try my hand at screenwriting. It’s an endeavor I’ve tackled a few times before (I even a few finished scripts hidden away somewhere to prove it), but something I find I do better when I’m not working alone. Since neither of my past screenwriting partners are here in town, working with them could be difficult, if they’re even interested in writing with me again.

What to do, what to do? Maybe I’ll come up with the answer when I’m out on the golf course tomorrow.

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