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Another Night of Eh

March 21, 2009

This is turning into a disturbing pattern; playing for hours and walking away with just a minimal profit. Granted, I’m always happy with a profit, but still, it’s somewhat demoralizing to know there’s a ton of money on the table, and I can’t seem to get my hands on it.

There weren’t that many memorable hands last night, and only one that I really played badly. That occurred fairly early on when I got involved with one of the two drunk guys at the table at the table (they were college buddies and a third and equally trashed friend joined much later in the evening). In this hand, I raised from middle position with Jacks and got called by my drunk opponent from the big blind. I’d seen him call down with all sorts or trash and his range was pretty much any two cards in the deck. On an Ace-rag-rag flop, he checked, I bet and he called. We followed the same pattern on the turn, and I began to get worried. When he checked the river, I should have checked behind, but I thought I would try to fire at the pot one more time in an effort to push him off his hand. Oops. He called with Ace-6 and there went my first buy-in of the night.

I should have known better than to try and push him off the pot with an Ace on the board, but I also had seen him call down to the river with just King high on a couple of previous pots, and thought there was a small chance my Jacks could be good. At least I stood a good chance of winning my cash back, assuming he didn’t give it all away before I got my chance. In fact, he did redistribute a bunch of my money around the table, but I got some of it back when I got him and his other drunk friend to call my all-in pre-flop. This time, my Jacks were good and I was back to even.

In between, I won and lost a couple of pots, with only two semi-interesting hands in the mix. The first was against a weak tight player who bet out at a board of Ac-4c-8s. I called from the button with nothing – Ks-Jd – and when he winced when the 6c fell on the turn, I took the pot away with a pure bluff bet. The next entertaining hand came near the end of the night against a bluff-happy african cab driver (I’m not sure where in Africa he was from). Throughout the evening, I had seen him bluff fold on the river three separate times, once when he mucked his cards after getting called and not even making his opponent show his hand and another when he bet $50 and wouldn’t call his opponent’s all-in for another $5.

In our hand, the flop came Ace-King-7, all spades. I was on the button with Kd-Qc and called both his flop and turn bets, assuming he was on a flush draw. When the Kh fell on the river, he checked and I threw out a $40 bet. He tanked for about 30 seconds before making the call. I turned up trips and he showed Ad-6h for top pair. I should have bet more. That pot finally put me in the black for the night and, after 8 hours at the table,  I walked away with a whopping $104 profit. Yay me!

Still, a win is better than a loss and I’ll be back at the table for another round of torture tonight.

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