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Some Days You’re the Windshield

April 4, 2009

Today, I was the bug and I feel like I got hit by a Mack truck. Repeatedly.

Shit started rolling downhill early on in today’s $340 deep stack tourney at the Venetian. In fact, once it started, my decline in the tourney took just three hands. In succession:

  • I raise Ace-King off UTG and get called by both blinds an a player in LP. On a J-J-rag board, the small blind checks, the big blind bets, I call and the EP player raises. Probably a bad call on my part, and I fold, losing a minimal amount.
  • Next hand – I fold rags to a raise in the BB.
  • Next hand – I pick up pocket Queens in the SB. It folds to me and I raise the maniac on my right in the BB. He calls. I bet out on a 10-high flop and he, as he was prone to do, raises. I re-raise and he calls. The turn is a Jack and I bet. He raises and I call. The river is a rag. I bet, he calls and shows 10-Jack off to win a big pot. My stack is cut in half.
  • Final hand – I pick up Ace-King on the button and raise. Both blinds call, as does a player who limped in early position. On a 7-Ace-9 board, early position bets, I raise and the blinds fold. The turn is a blank and EP bets. I shove and he insta-calls, turning up pocket 7s for a set. I’m done.

Feeling like that wasn’t painful enough, I decide to hit the cash games for awhile. My $1-$2 table is fairly passive, with no real big stacks on the table. I buy in for the max, and raise my first hand (10-J clubs in late position) to steal the blinds of the four other people who limped. It’s the last pot I’d win for about two hours.

While I wasn’t completely card dead, I didn’t pick up many playable hands until the end of my session. On hands that I did play (suited connectors mostly, as I didn’t see anything other better than a pair of 5s until late in the session) I would consistently flop gut-shot straight draws or flush draws that I’d either have to abandon to aggressive bets or that simply didn’t come in. Donking around in search of a hand cost me about half my stack over my first 90 minutes at the table.

Finally, I started to pick up some hands, flopping a set with pocket 6s, top pair with Ace-King on a rainbow board, and two pair with King-Queen off-suit. I was actually back in the black when Queens came back to bite me in the ass for the second time today. I raised to $10 from late position with my ladies and got called by both blinds. The flop came almost as pretty as I could ask – Queen-Jack-rag with two spades, which I didn’t love. The action checked to me and I bet the pot. Both villains called and I was dead, though I didn’t know it.

When the turn brought the Ace of hearts, I bet out $100 after both blinds checked again. The small blind called all-in for his last $30 and the the big blind thought for about 10 seconds before shoving all-in for an extra $150. I called and the hands were revealed. My set of Queens went down in flames to the small blinds set of Aces (caught on the turn) and the big blinds Ace-high straight, also caught on the turn.

I tapped the table, shoved my chips across the felt, and promptly got out of dodge. There’s only so much pummeling I can take for a day.

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  1. April 6, 2009 9:10 pm

    I feel your pain.

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