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The Return of CK… and Aggro Donks

May 9, 2009

I was a little tired Friday afternoon. A round of golf in 100-degree heat can do that to you. Still, when I checked out my FB after arriving home, I saw that CK was making her return to the tables after a week in exile up in Reno. As a topper, she was meeting up with Falstaff who is in town with his buddy Special K for the weekend. Who am to pass up on hanging with this group of people?

So, after a short rest and refreshing shower, I made my way down to the Strip at about 6:30. CK was seated at a $1/$2 game with her usual massive chip stack, while Falstaff was across the room playing some $4/$8 limit. While chatting with him, he pulled down a nice pot after flopping Broadway with K-Q in his hand, and having it hold up even after the diamond flush completed on the river. Figuring there was no reason to just stand around and watch, I grabbed my own $1/$2 seat and quickly won a few small pots. About an hour later, when people decided to grab some dinner, I cashed out for a quick $120 profit. Not much, but better than my previous three sessions where I left the tables with just my original buy-in.

After food, we returned to the poker room where CK and I took seats in a new $1/$2 game. As usual, we didn’t necessarily go out of our way to play pots against each other, but didn’t shy away from action either. Which leads to one of my big early hands. A little before this particular hand played out, I had donked off a buy-in to the fairly aggressive player in the 2 seat. We had tangled once already, and I had laid down a hand on the turn when I just couldn’t justify calling his $80 turn bet. When we met again, I had raised from the button with K-Q spades, and had flopped top pair on a pretty innocuous rainbow board. The villain called my flop bet and, when the turn brought a possible flush draw, I shoved figuring the only hand I had to fade was A-K. After a few seconds of Hollywooding, I got my call and cringed when he turned up pocket Aces. I didn’t come close to putting him on anything like that hand, and paid the price. Literally.

After reloading, I picked up K-J off in the big blind. CK had straddled the hand, and three people had limped when the action got back to me. I called, and CK immediately popped the pot to $20. Again, a couple of players called in front of me and I figured I was priced in to see a flop, which came King high. I checked, CK bet, and everyone else folded. I called with top pair and turned another King. Figuring I was now solidly ahead, I led out for $85 and CK mulled over the action before calling. When a blank hit the river, I shoved for my last $125 and CK again pondered for a while before making the call. She mucked when I flipped over my hand and confirmed later that I had indeed cracked her pocket Aces. A little ugly, I know, but she’d get the money back from the player in the 2 seat later on.

As for me, I was playing very swingy poker. I’d win a few pots, lose a few pots and generally, hovered around even for the night. Again. And the, Mr. Aggro showed up. Mid- to late-20s and looking like he stepped out of a casting call for a Queens based Goomba, he immediately set about trash talking to the table while showing down some of the shittiest hands you’ve ever seen. The only problem was, he was hitting with them too. Flopping flushes with Q-3 suited, shoving with gut shots and getting there on the river. He was a machine. An incredibly annoying machine, but a machine all the same.

I tangled with him a couple of times, once taking down a pot after the flop when I raised with pocket Queens and got him to fold to my continuation bet on a 10-high board. I gave some of the money back a few hands later when I flopped two pair on a 5-5-3 board (I had played 6-3 in a limped pot from the SB). I called a bet on the flop, and folded on the river when I figured Mr. Aggro had caught the 10 that had fallen. I was wrong again, as he turned over a 5 while scooping the pot.

Feeling cocky, he again started talking trash when, on the very next hand, I picked up pocket Jacks on the button. The bet got raised to $10 by a player in early position, and two players, including Aggro called. I re-popped the action to $40 from the button and two players folded, while Aggro called, as I expected. When the flop came 8-9-Ace, Aggro bet and I raised. He re-raised, shoving his rack into the center of the table (he couldn’t figure out how to stack his chips and kept getting warned about his pile of checks) and I snap-called. No hesitation whatsoever.

“You’re not afraid of the Ace?”

In fact, I wasn’t, figuring that if he’d had an Ace in his hand, he would have re-raised me pre. The turn paired the nine and the river brought another Jack, making my house. Aggro proudly turned over 10-7 for the rivered straight (of course) while I flipped up my pocket Jacks and quietly pulled his rack toward my end of the table and began making nice 20 chip towers while he slinked away with his girlfriend. And while I don’t gloat at the table, I have to admit busting this monkey felt good. Really good.

Even better, busting Aggro helped me book my first win in four session, which really helped my morale. In fact, I’m still feeling so good that I’ll probably head back down to the Venetian a little later and try to do it all again.

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  1. May 9, 2009 10:50 pm

    The snap-call was pretty sick. The Scandi and I were both convinced you flopped top set 🙂

    I wonder if his girlfriend finally decided to forgive him . . . witnessing their post bust-out fight was pure entertainment!

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