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Run Good… Run Bad

May 10, 2009

So, a day after posting my first win in four session I was back in the Venetian. It wasn’t a kind visit.

I started at a strange table, seated next to Special K, who wasn’t running too well. He lost two hands in quick succession – one to a guy in a bolo tie in seat 1 who can only be described as an asshole. There’s really no other word that fits. Curtis left after losing his second hand when he ran AK into pocket Kings, and I stuck around for awhile. It was a mistake.

I only played a few hands and none of them went particularly well. First I got involved with bolo guy when I flopped two pair. He check called me to the river when a random spade fell, completing a flush. I checked and he bet out a $40 “value bet” into a $120 pot. I tanked for a few seconds trying to figure out what he was on, when he started getting mouthy.

“What do you think you can beat?”

“I’m debating if I can beat you,” I responded.

His obnoxious laugh convinced me that my two pair was no good, and I mucked my cards. He turned over the King high flush and laughed. I wasn’t happy. We got involved again later when I again flopped an up-and-down straight draw. I bet the entire way and he just called behind. The river brought the Ace of clubs, which gave me broadway and completed a runner-runner flush draw.

I again led out and bolo boy shoved over the top. I had a hard time putting him on the flush and made the call. He turned over 8-6 of crubs and scooped the pot while I bit my tongue, tapped the table, and walked away. I was done with him. The problem is, I should have been done for the night. While not completely tilted, I wasn’t happy, and was probably playing too aggressively when I switched tables. Still, I managed to make about $100 back when I got involved in my final hand of the night.

I raised from the button with pocket 9s and got one call from the big blind. He checked on a board of 10-3-4 and I bet out. He called, and the turn brought a 5. I bet again. He called again. When the river brought an 8 and he shoved and, being pot-committed, I called. He turned over 3-4 off for the flopped two pair and I packed in the poker for the night. Again though, that wasn’t quite enough. Figuring I’d try to mimic CK, I went to play some blackjack and just got consistently cold decked. I donked off another $300 before finally admitting defeat and calling it a night.

Looking back, I think tonight’s blow up was probably preventable. While I don’t usually let other players get under my skin, the bolo boy just somehow pushed a couple of buttons that made me start to play more aggressively and angrily than I should have. I can’t really blame him though. Letting my emotions get out of my control was my fault, and I paid price. It was an expensive lesson, but also a good reminder that poker isn’t personal. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind the next time I play.

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  1. May 10, 2009 7:41 pm

    REMON 😦

    Bad night all around, methinks.

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