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Another Day, Another Tourney

June 3, 2009

There are 15 minutes until the start of Event #7, the first $1,500 NLH tourney of the ’09 WSOP. I’m getting my shit together in the media section listening to American Woman. There are worse ways to start the day – like by losing my media credentials somewhere between my car and my spot here on media row. WTF?

There are 2,736 players registered for today’s event so far. That’s significantly less than the number who played the first $1,500 of the ’08 series, but I’m sure the number is only down because of the 6,000 donkeys who showed up on Saturday to take part in the Stimulus Special.

Action’s been moving too fast for me to keep up. Then again, I’m the only person blogging today’s $1,500 donkament. Speaking of which, I need to get some of Pauly’s donkey bear repellent. After starting with nearly 3,000 players at noon, we’re down to 1,080 at the 7pm dinner break. That’s a lot of blood on the floor.

Stopped by the Full Tilt suite for a few minutes and started playing movie trivia with Michelle, Raymonda and Michael Craig. Almost got thrown out when I started answering questions before Raymonda finished reading them. Yup, I’m a geek.

A funny line from the suite came from Allen Cunningham who mentioned that he had bubbled the money in the PLO event. “That’s OK though because I feel like I saved $10,000 by not playing the Stud event.” I love how the pros think.

The much hailed Poker Kitchen is, in a word, “Meh”. Just had an $8 chicken quesadilla that was barely more filling – and somewhat less tasty – than the $3 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup I purchased earlier in the day. I have to learn to find out when F-Train, Change and the rest of the crew are making In-N-Out runs. I also have to adjust my schedule so I can get my fat ass to the gym.

Pure craziness for the past two hours. Down to 640 players going into the last two levels of the night. And the damn Internet kids make my life difficult. Not because they’re bad, but because I don’t recognize them.

Old school sighting of the night – a player sitting at a table with a Sony Discman. Not an MP3 player, mind you, but a damn CD player. Gave me a much needed laugh.

OK – I thought I had added more to this post, but apparently I was wrong. It’s too late and my brain is to addled to try and reconstruct what I thought I’d written, so I’ll pretty well end here. Only 338 players return for Day 2 tomorrow, and 297 get paid. That means there are going to be 41 pissed off people that I hopefully won’t have to deal with.

Anyway, it’s late. I’m drinking and all is right with the world. For 12 the next 12 hours, at least.

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