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Slaughterhouse 2

June 4, 2009

Yesterday was an amazing Day 1. 2,791 players whittled down to just 337 in 10 levels of play. Hopefully, today will move just as fast. Also, I’ve got help today. Three field reporters and a fellow blogger, Heath. I’m feeling good right now. We’ll see if it lasts.

Been a weird day. Getting random messages/phone calls/emails from former co-workers. I don’t mind, but I can’t figure out why everybody decides to get in touch at the same time. At the same time, plans seem to be forming for 4th of July. Could be a fun time, especially since I’m planning on crashing Phil Gordon’s party. (Hmm, probably shouldn’t announce that, but what the hell? He doesn’t read this blog.)

Poker players can be complete idiots. Sitting here watching them play hand-for-hand to the bubble, the TD keeps having to shout for the players to remain in their seats in order to keep play moving at something resembling a glacial pace. Do they listen? Of course not. They’re poker players.

I’m torn. I haven’t played any live poker in  a couple of weeks and am jonesing for a game. Problem is, I don’t really feel like setting foot in a casino on my days off from the Rio. I have a feeling I’ll be back here Friday though. Question is, will I play cash games or try to win some money playing satellites?

This made me laugh. Thanks Iggy.

Not making me laugh – the schmuck with the General Lee horn who keeps playing Dixie in the Amazon Room. It’s a good thing for him there about 3,000 people in the room and I’m unlikely to find him very easily, otherwise that horn may end up someplace rather uncomfortable. I’m just saying.

Going on dinner break. 337 players started the day at 2pm. Only 163 have survived until 6:10. Hee haw!

Back from dinner. Still pretty energized, which is somewhat surprising. Having help makes a huge difference.

There’s stuff I wanted to write here, but I can’t remember it.

This tournament, which had been moving at a lighting pace, has slowed considerably. We’ve still got more than 80 players left at 11:20pm. It’s going to be a long night and I’m guessing we’re playing to the hard stop at 3am. Such is the glamorous life of a tournament reporter.

Talking with Michalski makes me feel guilty that I haven’t started writing for Pokerati yet. It’s not like I don’t have topic ideas – I share them with Dan all the time – I just don’t manage to actually put them in post form for the site. I need to do a better job of kicking myself in the ass.

Update… I did actually kick myself in the ass (it hurt, too) and should have my first Pokerati post up shortly. Yay me!

Update #2… Michalski, obviously high, posted my contribution on Pokerati. Go check it out. Please!

I get really pissy when the website I’ve been working on all day crashes at 1:20 in the morning. I believe the phrase I’m looking for is Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck!

Adding insult to injury — the WiFi in the Amazon Room also crapped out for 20 minutes. Can I drink yet? Please? Never mind, I just found out we re-start at 1pm. Time to crash.

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