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Early Start – Late Start

June 5, 2009

I didn’t get out of the Rio until after 3 this morning, which isn’t all that terrible or unusual. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to bed until nearly 6, and had to be back here by 12:30 for the start of Day 3 where 33 players are competing for a WSOP bracelet. Ugh. I’m tired. Still, I’m here to watch all the action, so we’ll see what happens.

Shitty Internet connection is pissing me off. And, on top of the technical problems that plagued us at the end of last night (or early this morning, to be accurate), that’s not a good thing.

Putting me in a better mood is the fact the tournament has been running pretty quickly so far today. We lost 15 players before the day’s first break, which means we’re just 9 away from the final table and 17 away from a winner. Go donkeys! Ship your chips in on those draws! Daddy needs a beer! (OK, I do a shitty Vince Vaughn impression, especially in print, but you get the idea.)

Fighting the Internets has kept me from finding amusing (at least to me) things to write about. Hopefully, we’ll move to the feature table after dinner break and things will improve.

I think the Wicked Chops guys are mutants. I know they’re in the house because they keep updating their blog, but I never see them. Very strange, but it explains the continued photos of Hot Girls on the Rail.

Dinner break is over and final table has started. Moved to the secondary feature table. Internet appears to be a little better, but I’m not holding my breath.

Speaking of dinner, tonight I ate crappy Chinese from the poker kitchen. It was better than the crappy Mexican the other day, but still crappy nonetheless. Best part of the break was catching up with Michalski for a few minutes. He like my first Pokerati post yesterday, and I’m glad. Now I have to do more.

All of the players at my final table are playing for their first WSOP bracelet and largest-ever tournament cash. 100 feet away, Phil Ivey is playing for his sixth career bracelet and what he would consider pocket money. I’m not sure who wants the win more, Ivey or one of the amatuers.

Update – Ivey won #6. 96K in prize money. Millions in side bets.

We’ve moved to the real final table. I have an Internet hard line and video feeds. My life has improved dramatically. Only thing lacking right this second is a beer.

Poker spectators – not your generic railbirds, but final table spectators – are a bunch of yahoos. They remind of the guys who yell “In the hole” when Tiger tees off on a 545 -yard par 5.

The final four was fun to watch. Three-handed play only lasted one hand, and the head-up battle was pretty boring. In the end, luckbox Travis Johnson took the bracelet while Steve Karp, who I think was the much stronger player, took second.

That’s it from here. I’m off to the bar.

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