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Cooler City

June 18, 2009

I had a day off, so what did I do? Went to the Venetian to play $2/$5, of course.

Really, I went to meet up with my buddy Paul who’s over for a few weeks from Dublin. I haven’t seen him since his last trip over in October, and it was nice to hang and catch up on all the degeneracy in the Dublin card rooms. It’s nice to know those games haven’t changed since I left. After grabbing dinner at the Grand Luxe, we went over to the poker room where we each grabbed seats in $2/$5 games. At separate tables.

My starting table was pretty good, with a couple of loose players, but no one getting too out of line. That, and I was getting hit with the deck. I flopped Broadway my first hand, top two my next, and Aces up on the third. I also hit with Queens and rivered a small straight. I was up a quick $600 and feeling good.

Then I moved tables.

Why? Because I’m an idiot. Actually, I moved because there was a seat open next to Paul and we hadn’t played a hand together in nearly a year. I figured it would be fun, and we could even play some props. Big mistake as I got felted in my second orbit.

Granted, I misplayed the hand a bit, but I’m convinced the outcome would have been the same even if I’d played more aggressively. Here’s the deal; the cutoff shoved all in for $75 and I flat called from the button with Ah-Kh. The big blind, who was loose and drunk, then re-raised to $200 and I again flat called. (There’s my mistake, btw. I should have re-raised, but I’m convinced that he would have called even if I had.) We both checked on a flop of 10-10-9, and he bet out for $200 when the turn brought the 4h. Since I had the nut flush draw and I figured he didn’t have much, I shoved and he called. The river brought the As and he said what I thought was “Queens.” I said Aces up, and showed my hand before he turned over Queen-10 for trips. FML.

Anyway, I tapped the table, shipped my stack, and reloaded. I won a little and lost a little, including $50 to Paul when he hit a flop of 2-2-2 for quads with his 9-2 prop. FML, again. This left me with about $380 when I hit my last hand of the night. Four people had limped in and I looked down at Ks-Qs on the small blind, and popped it up to $20. I got two callers.

On a flop of Kc-9s-10s, I led out for $50 and got raised to $120. When the button flat called, I re-raised all in, and the guy who raised me (and had me covered), re-raised all in. The button folded and the turn brought a blank, and the river, the Qc, giving me top two. I turned over my hand, and my opponent showed J-Q (with the Js) for the flopped straight. I run bad. Oh, and FML.

Aside from my one mistake, I feel like I played well and just got unlucky. It happens. But it sucks when it happens and I’m a grand lighter.


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  1. June 18, 2009 7:41 pm


    Has the Venetian foresaken you?

    Remon 😦

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