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He Shoots… He Misses

June 28, 2009

So, I took my shot today and it went, well… not so good.

Actually, it wasn’t a bad day at the table, except for the result. I felt calm and focused, and don’t really think I made any real mistakes until I pushed at the end. Even there, I’m not sure how wrong I was given the situation; the same player had raised for the fifth hand in a row and got one caller. I looked at ace-9 on the button and had just enough in my stack to give me some fold equity, so I shoved. Turns out, I caught the villain when he had a real hand (Jacks) and I couldn’t hit my three outer.

Oh well.

That beat doesn’t bother me so much as how I came to be in that situation. I had been playing solid, tight poker and had a pretty healthy stack of 21K after dinner. I lost a small pot early on, dropping me down to 18K, but still felt good when I picked up pocket Jacks in late position. I raised and got called by the big blind had a short to medium stack. When he checked a flop of Q-8-3 with two diamonds, I bet out 3,500 and he check-raised all in for an additional 5K.

I didn’t feel like he’d connected with the Queen and it seemed like he was pushing his luck on a flush draw. After considering his range and the fact that the pot was laying me better than 3-1, I made the call and was pleased to see my read was right when he turned over Ace-rag of diamonds for the draw. I was much less pleased when the 9 of diamonds landed on the turn and he sucked my chips across the felt. FML.

Still, I’m trying not to be too results oriented about today’s tourney. I think I played well and that my reads were pretty sharp. Granted, I didn’t have any truly scary opponents at any of my tables (aside from the roller coaster Scandi who I doubled up when he beat me with ace-9 vs. my ace-queen after I called his short stack all in). In short, I felt like I could play with everyone I faced and didn’t find myself in any situations tough spots I couldn’t negotiate. Yes, I got unlucky, but that’s going to happen and, as long as I got my money in right (which I did), I can’t complain.

Now I just need to come up with another tournament buy in.

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