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September 3, 2009

Sorry no, I’m not talking about the quality of my posts. I know you’re all disappointed.

Today’s upgrade was of my trusty OS as I finally received my new copy of Apple’s highly anticipated Snow Leopard. I’ve installed the software on two machines (my trusty one-year old MacBook Pro and my older and still fairly reliable 20″ iMac). While the upgrades took longer than Apple’s claimed 10 minutes (on average, about 40 minutes for each machine), they do seem have gone incredibly smoothly. So far, I haven’t noticed any glitches or unexpected issues with any of my existing software. Of course, it’s early yet, and I’m sure something will go wrong somewhere.

As for the new OS it’s, well… so far, it seems pretty similar to the old OS. There are no groundbreaking look and feel changes with Snow Leopard and you’d be hard pressed to know you’re running on Apple’s latest and greatest without looking at the stats in the Apple pull-down menu. Whether that’s good or bad is, I guess, a matter of personal opinion. As for me, I’m just happy to have everything working smoothly and, ideally, faster than before.

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