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The Balloon Boy Story Goes Pop

October 18, 2009

You knew it was bound to happen and, in fact, the only thing that surprises me is that it took this long to debunk. Yes, the Balloon Boy saga was a hoax. A big, ugly, expensive, stupid, selfish, hoax.

I was planning on writing a small diatribe on why this story pisses me off and that, in and of itself, annoyed me because I know by commenting, I’m giving the Henne family exactly what they want – a few more minutes in the spotlight. Thankfully, I have friends who are not only better writers than me, but who also occasionally beat me to the punch. So if you want to know how I feel about the Henne’s, do me a favor and read what my buddy Otis has to say on the subject.

Why do people do this? I don’t really know. I certainly like money as much as the next guy, but it’s never been the ultimate driving force in my life. As for fame? I value my privacy too much to want to be famous. So while the Henne’s enjoy their final 15 minutes smoldering under the hot media lights and over the coals of public opinion, I’ll just say I hope the experience was worth the price. Morons.

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