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Late Nights and Early Mornings

November 9, 2009

With the Final Table taking place this weekend, it’s been a little bit of a WSOP reunion here in Vegas over the past few days. And of course, when the poker media gathers, hijinks are sure to ensue. Such was the case last night when a group of tired, drunk and generally rowdy poker writers descended on the Golden Nugget for the 1AM tourney.

Why the 1AM? Because we all wanted to help tilt Michael Craig, who had to play the event after losing a prop bet to Al during the FTOPS warm-up tournament. Also, because after watching a marathon final table that took nearly 18 hours to play down from nine to two players, everybody needed to kick back a little before tonight’s final heads-up battle.

I arrived at the Nugget with Otis and promptly sat down at a $1-$2 table to kill some time until the rest of our motley crew arrived. With Otis on my left and only $200 in my pocket (I wasn’t expecting to play more than the tourney), I decided not to get out of line. Much. In fact, there weren’t really any big hands to speak of except for one of my last of the night when I picked up Aces in the small blind. It was the first hand that anyone had straddled during the entire session, and six players limped in for $4 before the action got to me and popped it to $20. It obviously wasn’t enough as four players called and we went to a scary flop of J-9-8 with two clubs. I bet $65 and got action from one player who shoved for an additional $20. I made the call and successfully faded her straight outs to take down the pot.

Soon after the hand, the tourney started. Now this is an event that generally gets about two tables but, because of our rowdy little group, we started with three. My starting table featured a drunk JDN in seat 2 (he had just won $400 across the street after taking down the Fitzgerald’s 9PM) and Lana in seat 3. I was in seat 4. A few hands into the first orbit, Jules from Australia made a surprise entrance and quickly grabbed seat 1. Needless to say, the drinks and insults flew around the table almost as fast as JDN’s chips (he played almost every pot for a raise and snagged a $50 bonus for being the Gigli). In fact, JDN was so good for the game we tried (unsuccessfully) to get the TD to let him rebuy. Instead, the local degens at the $1-$2 game inherited the rest of his Fitzgerald’s winnings.

Meanwhile, Benjo got busted by Jen who flopped a set of 5s and Michael Craig got knocked out by some random (read non-poker media type) person. I never got much of anything going and by the time the blind hit 300-600, we had consolidated down to two tables and were joined by Otis, Pauly, Change 100 and Al. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to enjoy the fun as I woke up with pocket 8s UTG and shoved. Everyone folded except Pauly who called from big blind with Ace-4 off. He looked a little sick when I tabled my hand, but he quickly channeled the energy of the final table and Mooned me by catching his Ace on the river to knock me out.

Oh well. It was fun while it lasted and I only hope we get to do this at least one more time before everyone leaves town again.

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