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The Pain & Wisdom of the 3 Seat

November 20, 2009

After a fun-filled evening at the Pokerati mixed game on Wednesday, I decided to return to the table by playing the 7pm tourney at the Venetian on Thursday. I never really got anything going in the event and, eventually, busted 17 off the money when I picked up Jacks on the button and ran them into the big blind’s Kings. Oh well.

Despite the disappointing finish, there was some amusement to be found at the table, especially when it came to the woman sitting on my immediate right in the 6 seat and just about every person who occupied the 3 seat. The woman on my right was a local – a dealer at the M, it turns out – and was pretty good. She doubled up quickly when, in the second orbit of the tourney, she shoved with A-K off on a King-high board and got a loose call from the 3 seat who held K-Q.

She pulled the same move again a level later with the exact same results and those of us who were paying attention quickly caught on to her pattern. It saved me some chips later on when I got involved in a pot with her while holding Q-J of hearts. The flop came K-Q-9 with two clubs and she led out for 600. I raised to 1,600 and she quickly shoved over the top. Figuring my hand was no good (obviously), I tabled my cards face up and tapped the table. She showed K-Q and said she was trying to push me off a potential flush draw.

I did get my chips back a little later when I shoved my last 15 BB over her preflop raise while holding A-K diamonds. She called and showed pocket Queens. The race lasted all the way to the river when I caught my flush to stay alive. The dent I put in her stack didn’t hurt her for long though as a new victim had taken up residence in the 3 seat. This time, the sucker was an overly aggressive Euro (Italian, I believe) who liked to min-raise every pot. I tried taking him out when I re-raised him with my pocket Kings, but he managed to lay down his hand before he got into trouble with me. He didn’t have the same luck with the woman on my right.

The agro-Italian bet out about 3,500 on an 8-high board with a potential flush draw and the six seat considered her options before shoving all in for about 13,500. The 3 seat tanked for about 90 seconds before calling and turning over Ace-8 off with no hearts. The six seats showed pocket 8s for a set.

“You have no hearts,” the Italian said. “I knew my call was good. I’m drawing dead.”

And he was.

He almost happily shipped his chips across the table while continuing to pat himself on the back for his “good” call. “I knew my read was right. No hearts. No hearts.”

I just want to figure out how to get opponents to make those good calls against me.

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  1. November 21, 2009 6:40 am

    Thanks for the stories! Playing online, I watch a lot of players much worse than I am lose their stacks to people at the table who are not me. I’d love to figure out the magic of taking the cash, but it always seems like the wrong cards are hitting me when someone is handing out cash.

    Probably I need to learn how to win without having the cards, but that’s not the case for the woman to your right…

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