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A Sad Song at the Aria

December 19, 2009
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I hadn’t planned on going to the newly opened Aria casino just yet so, of course, I went.

First things first. The place is gorgeous. It’s unlike anything else in Vegas and is by far the nicest casino I’ve ever set foot in. It’s all very cool and modern with lots of cool glass and water features spread around the floor. They spent their decorating budget wisely. That said, actually finding your way inside (or outside) the casino isn’t all that easy. I made three wrong turns trying to find the self-parking lot and finally ended up handing my car off to the folks at the North valet. Of course, I didn’t realize it was the North valet until I was trying to leave, when I found out that the Main valet is located on the complete opposite side of the casino. I guess I’ll learn the floor plan soon enough, but I suspect it will take a couple of more visits until I really feel like I know my way around.

Of course, I didn’t go to the Aria just for the sights. I went to play poker. Unfortunately, the game was nowhere near as pretty as the room. Being an MGM property, the Aria spreads $1/$3 instead of $1/$2. It’s no big deal in terms of the size of the game, but I hate having three chips on the table. On the plus side, the Aria uses a $3 chip instead of the $2 chip you find at, say, Caesars.

I settled into the 2 seat and my buddy Ernest took the 3 seat. To his left was a middle age Persian guy with a stack of about $450 and, in the 7 seat, a young tattooed kid in a Red Sox hat with about $400. The rest of the stacks were all about $200 or so, and I felt comfortable buying in for $250. I picked up Queens on my third hand and won a smallish pot of about $40. It was the last time I’d be ahead for the rest of the session.

The Persian guy was getting hit with the deck and scooped a $300+ pot when he got all in with top set against his opponent’s 2-pair and flush draw. He took another good sized-pot off of the tattooed kid when he called an all-in bet with a turned Q-high flush against a straight draw. The kid made a chunk of his money back from me a few hands later after I raised to $23 from the button with pocket 8s after five players limped and he flatted from the big blind. The flop came 10-high with a club flush draw and check-raised me all in after I led out for $60. I knew he was drawing and made the call, completely ignoring the fact that  clubs are neither shiftless nor lazy. He bricked on the turn, and caught his flush on the river to scoop up my first buy-in.

I reloaded and won a couple of small pots before I made only bad read of the night. I limped with K-Q off from the button and the Persian made it $15 to play from the big blind. With one other caller in front of me, I called and we saw a flop of Q-5-8 with two clubs (again). The Persian led for $50 and the third player in the handed folded before action got to me. For some reason, I didn’t read the Persian as particularly strong, thinking he may have a big Ace with a flush draw. I raised to $150 and he thought about his action for a few moments before calling. The turn was a blank and he checked to me. Figuring I was still ahead, I moved all in and he again considered his options before making the call. I wasn’t happy and, when the river bricked, I announced that I had a pair of Queens. The Persian turned over Aces and took my second buy-in. Down $550. FML.

I reloaded for one last time and played snug until my last hand of the night when I made a button raise to $11 with Q-J suited. I got one call and led out for $17 on a flop of J-2-5 rainbow. The villain called and the Ks hit the turn. I didn’t love the card, but bet out for $50 after the action checked to me. He called again, and then bet $45 when the 7d hit the river. I made the call and cursed under my breath when he showed K-Q for the winning hand. Down $650. Did I already say FML?

Even though the table still had plenty of action, I wasn’t feeling all that thrilled with the night’s results (yes, I’m a master of under-statement) and finally picked up to grab a late dinner at the Cafe. The food was pretty good but the scenery was what made my night. As Ernest and I were finishing up, two women were seated at the table behind us. The first, a brunette, was dressed in standard slutty Vegas style with white halter top and a very short skirt. Her friend, on the other hand, looked like she just got off the pole at Deja Vu.

Nothing like a classy girl for a classy joint is what I say.

And yes, I’ll be going back.

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  1. December 21, 2009 2:55 am

    Hmm, did you ever hook up an RSS feed for this puppy? For some reason you’re not in my reader and then I have to (gasp) remember to check your site.

    I am not sold on ARIA yet, as you read. We’ll see but I have a feeling that tough times are ahead.

  2. katkin permalink*
    December 21, 2009 8:20 am

    Yes, there is an RSS. It’s on the bottom right.

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