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Do Not Want… Yet

January 28, 2010
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So, Apple officially rolled out its latest and greatest piece of techie chic today and, to be honest, my reaction was a whole-hearted “Meh”.

And before you go sniping at me for dissing Apple’s wonderous new iPad (and let’s not even talk about the name), you should know that I am a long-time Apple aficionado. I own a 20″ iMac, a 15″ PowerBook Pro an iPhone and three other iPods on which my entire music collection reside. To say I like Apple’s products is an understatement.

Still, the new iPad isn’t for me. Sure, it’s pretty and the screen looks great (at least in the pictures on the Apple website), but it really comes across as nothing more than a Kindle on steroids. There’s no camera. There’s no hand-writing recognition (not that I’ve ever encountered any that really works), there’s no real keyboard (unless you want to pay for one) and it’s too big to carry around in your pocket.

Since I already own a Kindle, I don’t see a need to pay $500 for another e-book reader, even it does come with a pretty color screen. And since I already own multiple iPods, I don’t need yet another music player. That said, I’m sure Apple will sell boatloads of things to willing consumers all around the world. In fact, I can see this being very popular with people like my mother who don’t need a full-fledged laptop computer, but still want to be able to access email or read the New York Times online over their morning coffee. (Of course, my mother would never read the Times online because there’s no way for her to do the crossword puzzle, but that’s not really the point.)

Do I think there’s potential for this to become a must-have device? Sure. Is it one now? I don’t think so, but I’m willing to wager that thousands of die-hard Apple heads will prove me wrong on the first day its available for sale.

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