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And So it Begins

May 28, 2010

Yet again, I’ve been away from this space for a little longer than I planned. My apologies, if any of you care.

Now, however, I’m back and ready to go as the 2010 WSOP gets set to kick off in just a few hours time. Again, my apologies.

While I won’t be doing the same day-to-day reporting for Poker News that I did last year, I will still be spending some quality time down on media row as I gather information for Pokerati, where I’ll be posting some (hopefully) insightful editorials on the state of poker, the WSOP and all things poker related. In the meantime, be sure to follow my friends who are back at the daily grind over on Poker News. They do a thankless job under tough conditions and are the place to go for the latest in breaking news.

While I’m pimping my friends, be sure to check out the Tao of Poker for all of Pauly’s existential musings on the WSOP and Wicked Chops for their pointed coverage of this year’s event. Finally, check out Poker From the Rail for all of Al’s coverage of everything related to Full Tilt Poker. He should have a lot to write about this summer.

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