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August 13, 2010

Remember me? It’s OK if you don’t, since I haven’t been around for a while.

There’s really no good reason for my absence, other than I didn’t have a lot to write about. Actually, that’s not completely true. There were things I thought about writing, but just never did.

So, what brought me out of hibernation? Detoxification. Or, more precisely, Matt Savage’s Detox Poker series at the Hard Rock. Like most of Savage’s tourney, this series features reasonable buy ins, good structures and a professional staff of dealers and floor people who know how to keep things running smoothly. In short, a Savage-run tournament is pretty much everything that the WSOP is not. But that’s another story.

The festivities unofficially kicked off last night with a pre-series party and cash games at the Hard Rock. I stopped by figuring I’d grab some free food and drink, and maybe steal some of Michalski’s money in the Pokerati game. Instead, I got talked into playing a two-table media freeroll with the likes of Jess Welman, F-Train, JDN and a couple of ringers, including David Plastik and Layne Flack.

When all was said and done, I’d split the tourney with Jess, and earned a free entry into Event 1. Figuring I’d play my rush, I used my entry for today’s 1A. And, while I didn’t catch a lot of hands, I was happy with my play, busting in about the middle of the pack after losing most of my stack in a brutal case of blind-on-blind violence. (The short hand… all the money got in pre when the small blind shoved pocket Jacks and I called with AsKs in the big blind. I flopped the nut flush draw on a 10-10-5 board and hit my Ace on the turn before the SB caught a Jack on the river. C’est la vie.)

With seven cash games already running by the time I finished the tourney, I decided to stick around and see if I could earn enough to buy into Day 1B if  I wanted (yes, Savage allows – and encourages – players to rebuy in events with multiple Day 1s).

It was a good decision, as I found myself at an action table with a lot of players who both liked to drink and gamble. While the most notable hands from the session were those that I didn’t play (including one near the end where I would have flopped the joint with 5-7 and felted two players), I found enough spots in a $1-$2 game to add more than $400 to my bankroll.

Now the question is, do I play Day 2B?

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  1. August 14, 2010 10:15 am

    “Now the question is, do I play Day 2B?”

    You’re hot, go for it.

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