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What I’d Do With My Millions

September 26, 2010

It’s a game everybody plays. How would I spend my money if I suddenly become obscenely wealthy?

Like most people, I’d certainly drop a good amount of cash on a nice place to live. But, here’s the thing — it wouldn’t have to be some ostentatious mansion. Sure, it’s nice to have space, but as a single guy, how much room do I really need. So, a nice good size apartment or a small house would be plenty… so long as it had a massive garage.

You see, cars are my weakness and they have been since I was little. Give me a cool looking car with a big engine and I’m a happy man. Give me a garage full of amazing rides and… well, let’s not even think about the consequences.

At present, I don’t actually have the financial resources to stock my dream garage, but that doesn’t mean I can’t fantasize about some of the machines I’d purchase. And, in Vegas, there’s no better place to ogle dream machines than at the annual Barrett-Jackson collector car auction.

While not every car inside the Mandalay Bay convention center piqued my interest, there were plenty of rides that I’d have happily taken home with me, including these:

A gorgeous Shelby Cobra

An amazing custom pick-up

A classic Buick Riviera

A menacing Camaro resto-rod

Of course, these are just a few of the gems I found at the auction this year. To see more of my favorite rides, check out my Flickr gallery.

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