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Catching Up

December 17, 2010

So, I actually have a lot of interesting stuff I should have posted here recently, but the fact is, I can’t remember half of it. I guess this means I should start taking notes during WPBT weekend, but I already have a hard enough time trying to read my own hand writing when I’m not drunk, so that’s not gonna happen.

Anyway, I will say I made it through last weekend’s festivities relatively unscathed and, what’s more remarkable, is that my bankroll did too. That said, I did develop a disturbing pattern that I carried into last night’s fun at the Pokerati game. Namely, I’ve taken to losing a buy-in (or two) early on before clawing my way back to even or better.

On the one hand, I can’t complain too much because even with the early losses, I’m still ahead for my recent sessions. But still, digging my way out of a hole every time I sit down for a session isn’t really fun.

Last night, for example, I lost my $200 on a typical PLO hand. Three of us saw a flop of Q-10-7 and my first opponent bet the pot, which was about $50. Since I caught top set with my pocket Queens, I repotted, putting my last $150 into the middle. When the guy to my left called, I was surprised and suddenly, two of us were all in with two street to come.

The woman on my right showed pocket 10s for middle set, while the guy on my right showed a monster wrap with A-K-J-9. Being the Pokerati game, we ran the turn and river two times each and, wouldn’t you know it, the wrap won everything.

I reloaded for another $200 and lost that buy-in when my opponent and I were both playing for the same straight draw, and he ended up with a better two pair than mine. Just like that – $400 in the hole.

Honestly, I can’t remember how I climbed back, but I did catch a nice rush of hands that suddenly put a decent size stack in front of me. And once I got even, I never fell behind again, leaving the table up about $600 on the night.

Like I said, I can’t complain too much considering that I’ve ended each of my recent sessions at break-even or better, but this is a pattern I certainly want to break.

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  1. December 20, 2010 7:21 am

    You still own the quote of the weekend – “I’m stuck. I can’t fold.” Best line EVER!

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