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I Still Sort of Love LA

April 5, 2011

It’s been more than five years since I last lived in LA and, now that I’m back in town for a couple of days, I find myself wondering why I ever left.

Of course, I already know the answers to that question – work, the prospect of a nice potential payday (I’m still holding out hope for that), and the fact that no matter how much I find to love about this city, I also know that it will consistently find ways to break my heart.

None of that matters right now though, as I sit here enjoying my beer on a perfect Santa Monica afternoon. Right now, the city feels like a smaller town, filled with possibility. It’s LA’s siren song and it can be hard to resist. Especially for someone who currently calls Las Vegas home.

In many ways, both cities are remarkably similar to one another. They lure residents and visitors with the prospects of glitz, glamour and easy money before relentlessly crushing the dreams of those too weak to fight back. But where Vegas is an oasis (or better yet, a mirage) in the middle of the desert, LA softens blow by virtue of being perched on the banks of the Pacific. Sun, sand and palm trees – not to mention insane numbers of incredibly attractive people – ensure you’ll have damn fine eye candy to enjoy even as the city extracts it’s price for the privelege of living here.

Could I live here again? Probably not, though I would certainly consider a return under the right circumstances. For now though, I’m happy to enjoy my brief time here and miss the town while I’m gone.

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