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June 8, 2011

So, yesterday didn’t quite go as planned. That’s not to say it was a bad day – far from it, in fact. It just wasn’t what I expected.

I rolled down to the Rio at around 3:30 to check out what was going on and spent a few minutes chatting with some friends about the day’s events and stories. About 15 minutes after my arrival, Pauly asked if I wanted to join him in welcoming Al to the series with a quick drink at the Hooker Bar.

Sure. Why not?

Of course, I forgot that there is nothing like a quick – or a single – drink when Al is holding court and a little more than four hours later I finally dragged myself away before the debauchery got too far out of hand. Being in no mood or shape to return to the Amazon Room, I figured my smartest play was to drag myself across the street to the Palms and donk around in the Pokerati game that was getting started. So, across the street I went.

The game hadn’t started when I arrived, so I sat with some friends in a regular $1/$3 hold ’em game where I lost a quick $50. About 20 minutes after my arrival, the ‘Ati game got started, and I quickly changed tables. After a few orbits, I lost the remainder of my original $300 buy in when my nut-flush and straight draws failed to improve against a flopped set in Omaha.


I quickly recovered my original $300 with $100 interest when The Hand occurred. Call it a set up. Call it a cold deck. Call it luck or a perfect storm. I’m calling it The Hand.

We were playing hold ’em and I had the button where I was playing my usual $5 straddle (one of the great rules in the game is that the button can straddle with ultimate last action). The player UTG raised to $15 and action folded to the cut off, who re-raised to $35. The original raiser called before the action got to me. I finally checked my hand and what did I see? Bullets, baby. I quickly re-raised the action to $100 and the orignal raiser took just a few seconds before he shoved all in for an additional $125.

The cut off called the all in and action again returned to me, where I wasted no time in re-shoving for about $400 more (that’s why I love the straddle in this game). The cut off called my all in and the hands were revealed.

  • UTG – KK
  • CO – KK
  • Yours Truly – AA
I caught an Ace on the flop to solidify my hand, but the cut off picked up a four flush draw on the turn that gave me a little more of a sweat than I really wanted in the hand. The river, thankfully, was a blank and the monsterpotten got shipped my way.
I won and lost a number of other hands over the rest of the night and gave back a small part of my winnings before the game finally broke up around 2AM. Still, I couldn’t complain, as I managed to cash out with a solid four-figure profit when all was said and done.
Sometimes you really have to love when things don’t go as planned.
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