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Two Mistakes and A Good Result

June 11, 2011

So, I was playing in the Pokerati game again last night when I made a stupid mistake in PLO. Simply put, I misread my hand, and missed seeing that I had rivered a wheel against my opponent’s Ace’s up.

Not being a complete idiot, however, I was smart enough to table my hand and Katie, who was sitting on my left, caught my error. Unfortunately, she and the player to her left (who I don’t know, but who also saw my wheel) informed the dealer just a second too late, as he had pulled my cards into the muck and awarded the $160 pot to my opponent.

The floor was called, the hand was explained, and my opponent refused to concede the pot. After a few moments of discussion, the floor made a ruling that while technically wrong, I was willing to live with for the sake of maintaining the peace at the table. The pot would be split between me and my opponent, and we’d move on.

While I disagreed with the ruling and believed I should be awarded the full pot – despite my idiocy in misreading my hand – I felt that $80 wasn’t worth starting a war over, especially since the staff at the Palms has been really accommodating to our little game over the past few weeks. As an example of what I mean, the dealer offered to pay me the additional $80 out of his pocket to make me whole since he mucked my cards without verifying the winning hand. I thanked him and politely refused his offer.

While I was willing to move on, Katie was irked with the ruling and sent a note to the Palms card room manager, Joe, asking for his opinion. He took only a few minutes to respond, and agreed with her that the floor person had made a mistake, and that I should be awarded the full pot. He obviously did more than that, however, as Stan (the floor man) got a phone call from Joe a few seconds later.

Once off the phone, Stan came back to the table and pulled my opponent aside. He then took $80 from him and held it at the desk while security reviewed the action from the videotape of the table. About a half hour later, Stan returned and awarded me the additional $80.

When I cashed out from the game about an hour later, Stan again apologized for his ruling, which I appreciated. That said, while his ruling was indeed technically wrong, I also felt that I deserved a portion of the blame for misreading my hand. I did point out that I would have argued my case about his ruling much more forcefully had it been a bigger pot.

In the end, things worked out in my favor, but the incident did remind me that small mistakes can be costly.

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  1. Rakewell permalink
    June 11, 2011 2:56 pm

    Not to be overly picky, but it sounds like three mistakes, not two. (1) You misread the hand. (2) Dealer misreads the hand. (3) Floor makes an erroneous decision.

    In fact, maybe it’s four mistakes, if you include miscounting the number of mistakes. 🙂

  2. June 14, 2011 8:15 am

    If the floor makes a bad ruling I would think that the room should pay the extra 80, not the player. I mean they called over the professional.. he made his ruling (in error)… so the room and/or the floor should have to cover that mistake.

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