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February 3, 2012

In the words of Monty Python, it’s time for something completely different. Politics, to be specific.

First, let me say that there’s no way I’d ever vote for any of the yahoos running for the Republican presidential nomination. In fact, there’s almost no way I’d vote for a Republican for anything. That’s my bias, and if you have problems with that, feel free to stop reading right now.

The thing is, even though I won’t vote for the Republicans, I am something of a political junkie. I find politics like football; One side makes a move to gain some ground on their opponent, only to find a strong defense on the other side of the ball. The drama of a good political fight is like a good game, with each team gaining and giving up ground before someone eventually scores the winning touchdown. In a good political contest – like in a good game – I’ll keep watching even if I don’t like either of the teams on the field. And, say what you will about Romney and Gingrich, they’re playing a pretty good game.

Now, if only Donald Trump would get his ass off the field.

Seriously, did anybody, Trump included, really think he was a serious presidential candidate? I certainly hope not. The fact is, Trump’s candidacy was about the one thing Trump loves most in the world – himself. He doesn’t care about the fate of the country or in helping rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and middle class. He cares about selling more books, renewing his television show, and building more gaudy buildings for the rich and tasteless to live in. He cares about his bottom line and nothing more.

To that end, Trump’s “presidential run” was nothing more than theater. A way to keep his name in the press and to drum up interest in his burgeoning media empire. Like what The Donald has to say? Read more of wisdom in Trump: The Book. Don’t think Trump has what it takes to be the nation’s CEO? Watch him demonstrate is awesome leadership abilities as he fires another C-list schlub from the Celebrity Apprentice.

He’s not a politician, he’s a salesman. Granted, sometimes those two occupations are nearly indistinguishable from one another, but that doesn’t mean they’re the same thing. And, like any salesman who’s not equipped to sell his product (in this case, Trump as politician), The Donald burned brightly for a couple of weeks before crashing back to his very luxurious corner of the Republican party. Or so we thought.

Yup, just when you thought you could forget about Trump, the shellac-headed one turned up in Vegas with that scion of conservatism, Mitt Romney. Why? Because Trump is a media whore, and a savvy one at that. Having dropped out of the race months ago, Trump has watched his profile steadily fade within the party. For a man with his ego, that’s hard to take, so he did what any self-respecting egomaniac would do – he made the presidential race all about him (again) by endorsing the current front-runner.

The thing I don’t understand about yesterday’s “news” is why Romney let Trump anywhere near the stage in Vegas, let alone a TV camera. It’s not like Trump’s endorsement means anything. Seriously, do you think there’s some voter out there in the heartland thinking “You know, I really can’t decide between Mitt and Newt. They both have such interesting names, after all. I guess I’ll just go with the one that Trump likes, because he’s a man of wealth and taste.” Yeah, I didn’t think so. Trump’s endorsement just doesn’t matter.

What’s more, I think that by letting Trump get on stage with him in Vegas, Romney made a tactical mistake that he’ll end up paying for a couple of months from now. Remember how I said that Trump is a media whore? What I should have said is that he’s a crafty media whore. He knows that in the grand scheme of things, his endorsement will stay in the news cycle for about one day. But, like a poker player who shows a bluff early in a game so that he’ll get paid off later, Trump will cash in on this play down the road.

How? By taking to the airwaves to announce he’s going to run against Romney as a third-party candidate. It’s classic Trump. “I thought Mitt was the guy. I thought he understood the importance of putting gold leaf on everything… how it makes everything classy. But he doesn’t, and because of that, I need to get back into the race and show the world how America can be the golden, gleaming beacon. Oh, and I’m going to put a big “T” on the White House so every world leader knows who they’re dealing with. It’ll be classy.”

In short, Trump is using his Romney endorsement as the teaser for the next season of Trump: The Candidate. You would think Romney or his advisors would be smart enough to see this, and avoid Trump like the plague he is, but after watching how consistently Mitt seems to be out of touch with the world around him, I’m not surprised they didn’t.

The fun now will be to see how Team Romney reacts when Trump inevitably pulls the rug out from under them. He won’t be a serious contender, of course, but he’ll make Romney look foolish and get his name back in the press for a while, which all he really wants anyway.

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  1. February 3, 2012 4:13 pm

    I liked how the Gingrich camp basically notified the press Trump was coming out for him.. I heard this on my local news “Trump endorsing Gingrich”. Then next thing you know “Trump Endorses Romney! Gingrich camp looks dumb!”. That is why Mit took the endorsement right?

    It does not matter anyways. Mitt is going to be president. See the Mormon prediction on the Tao of Fear!

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