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I hate “About” pages. More specifically, I hate writing About pages about myself. But, seeing how this little excuse for a blog is now getting more than a single hit per day (and believe me, I’m as stunned about that as you are), I figured I should probably expand a little on my original page. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of reading the original, here it is:

I’m a freelance writer and quasi-amateur poker player living in Las Vegas.

Short, sweet and to the point. I still kind of like it, actually. That said, here’s a little more information about me, if you’re at all curious.

Born and raised in the suburbs of New York, I attended Boston University’s College of Communication where I graduated with a BS in Print Journalism. After school, I spent an interesting, though fairly miserable, year in Medina, Ohio where I worked as a general assignment/business reporter for the Medina County Gazette. Quickly realizing the Midwest and I weren’t particularly suited for one another, I returned to Boston where I began working at the local NPR station, WBUR. I quickly ended up as a regular writer/producer/director for the local Morning Edition program before deciding that I needed more in-depth broadcasting knowledge if I wanted to pursue radio. So, back downstairs (literally, as WBUR used to be located in the COM building) to BU’s COM school I went, this time in pursuit of my MS in broadcast journalism.

After my second stint on Commonwealth Avenue, I somehow managed to snag a job as a freelance writer at CBS News/Radio in Manhattan where I spent the next five years working my way up the food chain to become a full-time staffer and editor for the network’s hourly news casts and special reports. After a while, the 24/7 pace became too much though, and I departed New York for greener and warmer pastures in Los Angeles where I planned to try my hand at a new medium. Screenwriting. It went, well, not so well, and soon I found myself a few hundred miles to the north in the Silicon Valley.

I worked as an editor at Gartner, a major consulting firm, before moving on to a series of marketing writing positions in a number of failed start-ups around the valley and, finally, a web content producer’s position at the original iteration of When the bubble burst, my group was disbanded and I again found myself back in Los Angeles where my life took a strange turn. After losing the better part of a year to an illness, I took a temporary job as a salesman at a local Mini Cooper dealership before landing the position of marketing writer for a fledgling consulting company to a then up-and-coming online poker site. After nearly four years and a move to Europe, I found myself serving as the chief writer/editor of a four-person marketing team and working as a general marketing manager.

With my contract over, I decided to return to the states and settled here in Las Vegas where I currently do freelance writing, play poker and play golf while I try to figure out what I’m going to do next.

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  1. Edgar Rascon permalink
    December 27, 2010 10:23 am

    As a recent Journalism grad and (now) 3rd year Poker student, I think I’ll be tuning in quasi-regularly to see how it’s going. Hopefully, it can also motivate me to start that blog I started a few years ago, lol. Good luck sir.

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